Insurance repairs

Remember you are still the customer... and you get to choose who works on your home!

If you were planning to have any building work done on your home would you give the work to the first company you spoke to?

So why would you let your insurance company choose which contractor repairs your house when you make an insurance claim?

Just because your insurance is contributing to the cost of the repair doesn't mean you don't get a say in who does the work on your home!

Choose a company you are happy with and one that remembers you are the customer! Call J&G Construction on 01642 385 185.

Call us for Emergency building repairs in Teesside 01642 385185.

Do you need an emergency repair to your home or property? J&G Builders will arrange for a make safe repair to be done to your property whilst you contact your insurance.

Contact us today for a free quote or just for some advice.

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